WhirlpoolSaver Plan

Critical Information Summary

NO monthly fee for this Plan, ideal for Whirlpool members who only make a few calls!

Pay-as-you-go and take advantage of incredibly low Mobile rate, per second billing and send SMS for as low as 10c/message!

Service WhirlpoolSaver
Monthly Service Fee $0.00
DID $5 per year
Local/National 10c untimed, anywhere, anytime
Mobile 15c per min, per second billing
International From 1.9c per minute
MyText SMS 10c per message
Number of Lines Up to 2 lines
Service WhirlpoolSaver

How to
subscribe to this plan

To join MyNetFone and subscribe to this plan, simply browse our Whirlpool Online Shop & Hot Deals and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Remember! We offer both hardware specials, as well as Bring Your Own (BYO) hardware accounts. Upon clicking on the 'Buy Now' button of the equipment you have selected, you will be able to select your favourite Whirlpool Plan.

^ The number of lines provided by MyNetFone depends on the number of lines supported by the VoIP adaptor you have chosen. If you choose a 1 line VoIP device, MyNetFone will provide you with 1 line. If you choose a 2 line VoIP device, MyNetFone will provide you with 2 lines.
- Resellers please note: No commissions will be paid for WhirlpoolSaver, NeoSaver and TurboSaver Plans.