Whirlpool Special Features

We have a great range of service features and handy ‘extras' to help you get the most out of your MyNetFone service.

And for our Whirlpool customers only, we now have some new Extra features, based on feedback from the Whirlpool community, to help you save even more!

ANI Callback Service

With ANI Callback service, you can make calls at low VoIP rates from any mobile or landline. 

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Shared Access Numbers

With Shared Access Numbers, you can be reached for the cost of a local call from almost anywhere in Australia - no equipment required!

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CLI Overstamping

CLI Overstamping allows you to present your 'original' PSTN CLI (Calling Line Identifier) while making calls using your VoIP service. So your friends, family or business clients can recognise your number and pick up the call!

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More Features

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