You can register your credit card for automatic payment at the end of your billing cycle. Once a month, we will check your account and top-it-up to your nominated amount. You only pay for what you use, so if you have not spent the full amount of your top-up amount, we will only debit you the difference if any.

i.e. If you have $4 credit left in your account at the end of your billing cycle, and you have a $30 top-up nominated, we will take $26 from your credit card to top up your account to $30.

Please note: By default we only allow up to 4 credit card transactions within a 30 day period - this helps protect our customers by helping prevent credit card fraud. If your account is topped up 4 times during a 30 day period, the system will not allow the 5th top-up until 30 days after the 1st of the 4 top-ups. Therefore we recommend that you set an auto top-up value that is sufficient for your typical call expenses. For more information, please see the FAQ below.