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Network Maintenance Scheduled

MyNetFone is growing and so is our customer base. To make sure your VoIP service is running at full steam, we need to do a bit of network maintenance to allow for the growing number of users on our network. Scheduled network maintenance will be underway from Thursday 6 September between midnight and 5am for around three weeks. You shouldn't hit any bumps along the way, but if you do we recommend you powercycle your device (switch it off, wait a couple of minutes and switch it back on) and if this doesn't help don't hesitate to contact our customer service team on 1300 731 048.

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John Fields said over 12 years ago

My incomming calls constantly get diverted to voice mail even though i have requested this service be disabled on a number of occassions.And as there is apparently no way i have of knowing that have been diverted without just guessing there may be calls at my voice mail box this to me seems to be 2 serious flaws in the myfone network. ie 1) unable to turn voice mail on/off myself 2) just switches itself on. 3) no indication given that this has occurred. Hi John, You can now set up and manage your voicemail box within the My Account portal. Simply log in from the MyNetFone homepage, select the My Devices menu -> Follow Me and Voicemail. Under the Follow Me heading, you can select 'Redirect to voicemail on busy or no answer' and set then the number of seconds it will take to redirect to voicemail. If you have any further problems, or wish to switch off your voicemail service completely, please contact our technical support team on 1300 731 048. Regards Erin Woods On behalf of MyNetFone Support

Mark Jones said over 12 years ago

My phone still cuts out . Will this cease with the maintenance? I have a Billion ADSL Router Bipac7402VGP. Hi Mark, Recently there have been some compatibility issues with the Billion range of voice adaptors on our network. We have been working closely with Billion to fix these issues and are happy to announce a newly released firmware upgrade which will resolve them, please visit our Support Centre to upgrade your Billion Voice Adaptor with the latest firmware upgrade. Instructions are provided along with the firmware upgrade, but should you require assistance in uploading the new firmware onto your Billion device, please submit a technical support request on the Billion website: Alternatively, you can contact MyNetFone technical support on 1300 731 048 between 8:30am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am and 4:00pm Saturday. Please download the firmware and connect your Billion device to your PC before calling. Regards Erin Woods On behalf of MyNetFone Support

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