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Case Study: Virtual PBX at 5 Sites with Canterbury Education Group

Our latest case study showcases the benefits of deploying MyNetFone Virtual PBX across multiple company locations - even overseas!

Canterbury Education Group has offices in Australia and across the world, with Virtual PBX providing for their telecommunication needs across 5 sites, including internationally. With free calls between sites, and simple 4-digit extension dialling instead on long international codes, both cost savings and productivity gains have delighted the client!

“MyNetFone’s Virtual PBX solution has given Canterbury Education Group great flexibility to talk to colleagues across continents with just a 4 digit extension, as well as the convenience of just one account, avoiding hassles we faced in the past with multiple bills.

Not only has MyNetFone reduced our bill but also helped us to grow - expansion of network is just a phone call away. Plus the Technical Support team at MyNetFone is very supportive”

- Gajinder Paul, Director, Canterbury Education Group.

Find out more about the practical application and benefits of Virtual PBX as experienced by Canterbury Education Group - click here to read the Case Study NOW!

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