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Keep your number when you switch to MyNetFone!

Escape from your Telco AND keep your number when moving to MyNetFone! 

Making the move to MyNetFone will be a no-brainer as we'll soon be providing Local Number Portability - meaning you'll be able to bring your existing phone number over to MyNetFone and avoid the hassle of giving your friends and family a new number to memorise!

Number Porting with MyNetFone VoIP Phone service

The process will be available from 15th September, covering 80% of the population including all major cities and regions. Number portability will initally be available for Telstra and Optus numbers only, with other carriers soon to follow. With a turnaround of 3 days, it's a quick and easy process.

So stay tuned and keep checking back to find out when and how you can start porting your number over to MyNetFone!

Want to know more about Local Number Portability? Click here!

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