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SMS with MyNetFone

What we've been waiting for is finally here - text messaging with MyNetFone! With MyText you can send a txt to any mobile for just 15c! It's available through the "My Account" portal and for a limited time you can take it for a free test drive.*

For info and instructions visit


*Texts are free between 12.00pm AEST 18/10/07 and 05.00pm AEST 31/10/07 (Fair use policy of 25 messages per subscriber. Additional messages will be charged at 15c inc GST each).

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Ardnerus said over 13 years ago

Can I also send out SMS to International Mobile Numbers in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Korea and Japan?

Gus Cunningham said over 13 years ago

Hi there, you really need to drop the "Free SMS" from the main page now, as it is after 5pm 31/10/07, unless you are planning on extending it.. ;-) yes?? It is a great idea, have tried it a couple of times, and works well. cheers, Gus

Ellen Pope said over 13 years ago

No, you cannot send an SMS to an international mobile with MyText as yet. Gus - as a matter of fact we have extended the free text function...see the latest blog. We've updated the FAQs page to cover MyText (SUPPORT > FAQs > SERVICE FEATURES > MyText SMS)

Gus said over 13 years ago

Thanks Ellen and MNF for extending it, will try some more, ;-) cheers Gus

Ian Jackson said over 13 years ago

MNF is already the best, thank you. International SMS would really be the icing on the cake. Any word on how long until we can have our cake and eat it too?

Free SMS said over 11 years ago

Now you can send SMS messages from your MyNetFone account via the My Account portal. MyText SMS allows you to send instant SMS messages to single or multiple recipients with one quick sweep across the keyboard

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