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New Feature for Global Access: Follow-On Calls!

To save you even more, we have introduced a new feature “Follow-On Calls" for our Global Access Service. Follow-On Calls ensure that you now don’t have to pay for extra calls into the MyNetFone Global Access System if you are making consecutive calls.

How Follow-On Calls work

When you dial into Global Access, you can press "##" on the keypad to hang up the current B-party and get a prompt to dial a new call. Additionally, if the B-party hangs up on the call, or the call fails, the follow-on mechanism will automatically provide you with a prompt to dial a new call. This saves you both money and time when making phone calls through Global Access.

MyNetFone Follow-me feature for Global Access VoIP service

What is Global Access?

Global Access, launched in 2007, allows you to make national or international phone calls at low MyNetFone rates, without broadband or VoIP devices, simply by registering your number with MNF and dialling into a MyNetFone Access Point. For more info, click here.

MyNetFone Global Access Service feature for VoIP calls

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