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MyNetFone reaches 40 000 customers

We are happy to announce we've recently reached 40 000 MyNetFone subscribers!

We'd like to thank our loyal customers for your continued support of MyNetFone and for recommending MyNetFone to your friends and family!

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David M said over 13 years ago

Well done and congratulations MyNetFone on a job well done in a tough market. Just remember not to lose sight of the customers, as they pay the bills. Onya!

M575 said over 13 years ago


Lynda said over 13 years ago

Would be great to have a phone directory on mynetfone numbers.

j millwood said over 13 years ago

great service

Tony said over 13 years ago

Good work..I have been a member for about 2 years. The new website is great.

Gary Swanton said over 13 years ago

I wonder if that was me ? Gary Melbourne

aha said over 13 years ago

Please add Vietnam in Untimed country calls please ! As your currently calls rate to VN is higher than Tpad , Gotalk.......

Harry said over 13 years ago

As i'm always talking to china,MyNetFone has saved me heaps!! and their web sites are really easy to understand!! keep it up!! and THANKS!!

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