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Don’t throw your unused MyNetFone devices in the bin! Recycle them!

Wondering what you could do with the spare MyNetFone VoIP device you have at home? Have you upgraded recently and you don't know what to do with your spare device?

RECYCLE IT! Device recycling is NOW live!

Directly from the MyAccount Portal, you can donate your spare device to your friends or family! Simply login to the MyAccount Portal directly from our homepage, and click on the "Recycle" Tab from the "MyService Options" Menu.

From there, you can create your own VoIP Starter Packs for the person of your choice!

All you need to do is:

  • Fill in very basic information about the person you wish to donate your device (Only a full name and an email address are required.)
  • Select a Plan
  • Specify the amount of the Initial Credit you wish to donate to your beneficiary's new account, if any.
  • Hit the "Recycle Device" button...and you're done!

With less than 1 week left to shop for Father's Day, getting him started on VoIP for nothing could be just the perfect gift idea you were looking for!

So don't delay and login to the MyAccount portal NOW!

Ts & Cs: 1. The initial credit donated and the first monthly fee for the plan selected will be charged to the donator's MyNetFone account. 2. MyNetFone doesn't take in charge the delivery of the device: we suggest that both parties discuss the transaction before any action is taken. 3. Note there is no way to reverse the recycle; once a device has been recycled, the donator will no longer be able to use the device or access it in any way.

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