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Business Service 2015 Achievements

The end of the 2015 is almost here, and what a year it has been for MyNetFone Business! 

We've introduced new mobile call inclusions for Virtual PBX. We created VoiceLink, a world-first unlimited SIP Trunk service. We've launched unlimited broadband plans, and relaunched business NBN.

Not to mention introducing free number transfers, three new Yealink office handsets and a new desktop conferencing phone. All while winning awards, helping sick kids and finding time for mini-golf!

Cheers to the new year and more achievements to come!

But we couldn't do any of this without our valued customers. So thank you for your support, feedback and patronage throughout the year. Enjoy your holidays! 

Cheers To The New Year

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MyNetFone Holiday Season Operating Hours

Summer holidays are almost here and so it is Christmas!!

As the holidays are approaching, it is time to inform you of the MyNetFone operating hours over the Christmas and New Year period. For the full listing of MyNetFone operating hours over the festive season please refer to the information below. 



Business Customer Service Support Centre

  • 23 December (8am – 6pm AEDT)
  • 24 December (8am – 4pm AEDT)
  • 29 December - 30 December (8am – 6pm AEDT)
  • 31 December (8am – 4pm AEDT)
  • Business Support will be closed on public holidays, as well as on the weekends (After Hours Support is still available).

Business Sales reduced hours

9am – 5pm AEDT:

  • 23 December – 24 December
  • 27 December
  • 29 December – 31 December
  • 3 January
  • Business Sales will be closed on public holidays, and on 2nd January.




Residential Customer Service Support Centre

  • 23 December (8am – 6pm AEDT)
  • 24 December (8am – 4pm AEDT)
  • 27 December (9am – 5pm AEDT)
  • 29 December - 30 December (8am – 6pm AEDT)
  • 31 December (8am – 4pm AEDT)
  • 2 January – 3 January (9am – 5pm AEDT)
  • Residential Support will be closed on public holidays.

Residential Sales reduced hours

8:30am – 6pm AEDT:

  • 23 December – 24 December
  • 27 December
  • 29 December – 31 December
  • 3 January
  • Residential Sales will be closed on public holidays, and on 2nd January.
Happy Holidays From MyNetFone

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“Best Under A Billion” honour for MNF Group

Forbes Asia has recognised MNF Group’s stellar performance for the second year in a row, with the company’s inclusion in the prestigious ‘Best Under A Billion’ list for 2015. 

In addition to inclusion in the list, MNF Group was further distinguished with the ‘Best return on Investment’ award – the only telecommunication company on the list to win this accolade. MNF Group Director Mr. Boorne received the awards at a VIP ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on November 2, 2015.

The Forbes Asia 'Best Under A Billion' list recognises the 200 best performing companies from Asia Pacific, with annual revenue of between $5 million and $1 billion that show the highest earnings growth, sales growth and return on equity in the past 12 months and over 3 years.

This achievement demonstrates that MNF Group’s focus on telecom innovation, service quality and growth puts it in the right position to take advantage of opportunities in the fast-changing communications industry.

To our staff, thank you for helping us to achieve this international accomplishment for both 2014 and 2015.

To our customers, thank you for your support.

 We will continue to grow from strength to strength, and always look for ways to innovate for a better connected world.

Forbes Asia “Best Under A Billion” Award Ceremony, November 2, 2015
MNF Group Director Mr. Boorne receives the 2015 Forbes 'Best Under A Bilion' awards.

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MyNetFone Supports Flying for Kids with Cystic Fibrosis 2015 Challenge

We are proud to support the 2015 Flying for kids with cystic fibrosis challenge; helping to raise money for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

The challenge involves Aussie father Matthias Fuchs flying 170,000km (almost halfway to the moon!) by taking 16 consecutive long haul flights around the world.

It might sound exciting and glamorous but before you get jealous of his round the world itinerary, there’s 1 major catch. Matthias doesn’t get to leave the airport he is flying to.

So for 12 days straight, he will only see the inside of an aeroplane and the inside of airports. Over 200 hours in the air – that’s a lot of time to catch up on your favourite TV shows!

Here's a quick look at his flight plans:

Picture of Matthias with his daughter

12 days 16 flights

About the cause

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life threatening genetic condition in Australia. It attacks the body’s respiratory and digestive systems. Matthias’ daughter Kristen has cystic fibrosis so it is a cause close to his heart and he has been raising money for research for years. This is his largest flying challenge so far.

Thumbs up to Qantas for donating the flights, see the other great thing about this fundraising effort is that since there are no overheads, every dollar raised will go to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Matthias’ journey started a couple of days ago and the last we heard, he has just arrived back in Sydney from LAX airport. You can keep up to date on his travels on his twitter page  

You can get involved in this fantastic cause by donating, or even simply by sharing this blog and our posts on our Facebook page and twitter to help raise awareness of the cause.

There is still time to donate…click the link here

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MyNetFone Sponsoring Record Breaking Expedition to Help Cure MND

MyNetFone is proud to again be supporting the Kitesurfing crew in their most recent, and record breaking expedition ‘Kite the Reef’. Previously MyNetFone has supported the kitesurf team in their ‘Pink Torres’ expedition, which raised funds for the McGrath Foundation, a foundation which supports over 20,000 Australian families experiencing breast cancer. We are proud to be backing the kite surfing crew again, this time with an entirely new mission at heart.

The expedition

Kite the Reef is aiming to raise funds to cure Motor Neurone Disease (MND), through supporting the Macquarie University Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre. The expedition team made up of 10 ambitious kitesurfers which will attempt to traverses 1,000km of the Great Barrier Reef, covering Cairns to Cape York. To achieve this world record breaking kiteboarding distance the team will have to tire their arms for around 7-10 hours each day for 10 day straight!


They will not only be aiming to raise funds to help fight Motor Neurone Disease, but they will also be doing their part for conservation; tagging tiger sharks and raising awareness for Great Barrier Reef. As the reef's ecosystem and beauty is under threat from coastal development, reduced water quality, overfishing, climate change and large scale mining activities, the team has decided to use this opportunity to showcase it's wonders and increase international appreciation.


Kicking off on August 10th, the 'Kite the Reef' team will be attempting to tackle this huge distance and big issues, but will need all the support they can get. Every single dollar raised goes to fund MND research (equipment, regents, researcher salaries) to understand and hopefully find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. Recent advancements mean scientists could be on the verge of finding a treatment but, equipment and genome sequencing needs funding. 

Updates to follow

We will keep you posted as the kite surfers send photos and videos of their journey, the beautiful coastal life they are bound to encounter and their attempts to tag tiger sharks on the way. No doubt their drive to help fight this life altering disease will see their jelly arms take them over the finish line at Cape York on the 20th August. Good luck to the Kite the Reef team!

Read more about it on their website or visit the Kite the Reef facebook page


Donate to this fantastic cause, support the team & help the put an end to MND!


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Money grows on...fibre?

As strange as it sounds, high speed internet has a direct correlation with profitability.

Communities that have fibre internet connections had 1.1% higher GDP (Gross Domestic Product) than the similar communities with little to no availability of gigabit services, according to a recent study by the Fibre to the Home Council in America. Might not sound like a lot… until you see it in dollars: $1.4 billion additional production across just 14 US communities, to be exact.

According to the survey, out of 55 communities across nine states in the US examined, all 14 communities with widely available gigabit services had higher GDP than the 31 communities without fibre connections. Coincidence? Extremely doubtful.  

What does all this mean for a community? Well higher GDP means higher infrastructure investment, increased spending and creation of new jobs and industries. All top-priority issues for communities of any size.

Now dare to imagine the potential that is currently sitting on Australia’s door step with the rollout of the NBN fibre optic service....across the entire nation! Although the majority of Australian NBN services are not quite in the gigabit speeds range, it will be very interesting to see what benefits our own communities achieve from fibre internet – for both businesses and residents.

Profitability, efficiently, and societal advancement awaits…

Click here to review MyNetFone NBN plans


 vector people earning business online background

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The State of the Internet - a global perspective

Let's shoot to Mars for a second. On our journey, we see the continents decreasing in size and pass numerous satellites floating about in orbit. From here we get the perceptive we need to see the world in its totality. It’s a highly sophisticated planet, full of promise and technological advances. We know that although the continents appear separate they are actually entirely interconnected, with communication and news sharing happening simultaneously with people at polar ends of the planet. We know this phenomenon as the internet.  This communication enablement platform, the World Wide Web, has projected our world into a thriving, intelligent and forever evolving global society, better still it is only looking to strengthen.

Akamai’s ‘State of the Internet’ Q1 2015 reports the number of global internet users has more than doubled in the last 7 years to an estimated 3.2 billion in 2015. Moreover, Cisco noted that the number of Internet-connected devices first outnumbered the human population way back in 2008 and that now there is an estimated two networked devices per capita, with the prediction it will be up to three per capita by 2019. Not only is global uptake advancing but so is the internet’s performance. On a global basis, the average connection speed increased a sizeable 30 percent year over year. Additionally, the global average connection speed increased 10 percent to 5 Mbps and the global 15 Mbps adoption rate has grown 29 percent.  

However, when we take a deeper look, not all countries can be viewed as equal when it comes to internet progression. Fiji for example experienced hugely impressive growth rates rising 181% in average connection speed from 2014. Whereas Réunion experienced 72% decline (to 3.5 Mbps) from the previous year. Overall however, increases were seen in 134 countries, with yearly declines only seen in just 9 countries/regions, supporting the global trend of overall improving internet performance.  


When we review Australia, China, US & UK in the Akamai’s timeline graph above we can see that although there is a general improvement trend, China is rather behind. Their economy might be booming, however their connection internet speeds are lagging behind the other significant players. US & UK have advanced at a very impressive rate managing to remain close competitors for the duration of the past 7 years. Australia was in their ball park performance up until 2012, where the UK and US powered ahead and managed to increase the gap between Australia.  

Now we are back on earth using the internet to read this on our computer screens, and can reflect on what we just discovered. There is a global trend of improved internet performance, internet utilisation is only predicted to enhance and lastly, not all countries are equal in the eyes of internet – some are significantly out performing others.

So as we keep advancing with connectively on global scale, one can only imagine what incredible developments are still in store.  

Seen many of our internet-based innovations lately? Check out our 'Virtual Fax' feature here


Source: akamai (2015). Akamai’s State of the internet' Q1 2015 report, from

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Where does Australia rank? International Broadband Performance List Released

Ever wondered where Australia actually ranks on the international scale of internet performance? Are we as much of a connectivity vanguard as the media asserts? Well bubble bursted. The most recent ‘State of the Internet’ report from Akamai exposes the harsh truth that we only ranked a mediocre 42nd globally, with the nation’s average connection speed coming in at 7.6Mbps.

In fact, the rural, nature focused, and sheep booming landscape of New Zealand is surpassing us on the internet performance front. New Zealand’s average connection speeds of 8.4 Mbps, placed it 40th globally, two places ahead of Australia. In terms of high broadband adoption (above 10 Mbps), Australia again fell behind attaining a 44th position globally, whereas NZ was ranked 41st globally. The largest performance disparity however, was experienced in the ‘broadband adoption above 4Mbps’ category, where NZ was ranked 28th, well above Australia's ranking of 50th.

Top 10 list of countries with the fastest Internet speeds on the basis of average connection speed:

1. South Korea 23.6 Mbps

2. Ireland 17.4 Mbps

3. Hong Kong 16.7 Mbps

4. Sweden 15.8 Mbps

5. Netherlands 15.3 Mbps

6. Japan 15.2 Mbps

7. Switzerland 14.9 Mbps

8. Norway 14.1 Mbps

9. Latvia 13.8 Mbps

10. Finland 13.7 Mbps


42. Australia 7.6 Mbps

However there is hope looming that we may be able to overtake our backyard rivals and increase our international broadband ranking soon. The NBN initiative brings with it a bright bag of performance potential which could enable us to climb the ranking ladder and become better internationally acclaimed for our internet performance. With the fibre optic roll out offering download speeds up to 100Mbps, Australia is looking more of a fierce contender on the ranking list. It will be interesting to review Australian’s international ranking once the NBN roll out has be deployed across Australia.

Is NBN coming your way soon? Follow the links in our help centre here to find out.

If NBN is due at your residence soon, it's probably time to decide on a plan.

Check out the NBN plans MyNetFone offers. 

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MyNetFone Innovation Recognised Again!

The best thing since sliced bread? 

Introducing MyNetFone's latest creation: TollShield - ranked as one of Australia's top 100 innovations!  

TollShield is a unique, robust service which guards networks against toll fraud. If you think that sounds simple, think again. Globally, toll fraud is becoming increasingly concerning, translating into estimated losses of $46.3 billion a year for its victims. What's worse still, is there is currently very few to no services offered to proactively protect operators and consumers against toll fraud attacks. Cue the MyNetFone development team.

The MyNetFone group decided it was about time someone put a measure in place to arm service providers against this prevailing threat. After much hard work, plenty of research and development, and many many coffees later, TollShield was born. 

Unlike conventional anti-fraud measures, TollShield acts in real-time. Other solutions rely on after-the-fact analysis of call records, reacting after the damage is done and the customer bill has exploded. TollShield is a genius service which proactively scans, monitors and blocks most fraud before it has an opportunity to actually happen. It even self-learns to respond to new kinds of fraud techniques, making it increasingly difficult for criminals to exploit their tricks. Simply brilliant.

Apparently we are not the only one to think so. ‘Australian Anthill’ recently ranked TollShield in their Australia’s 100 biggest innovations‘SMART 100′ Index!

The MyNetFone network is already protected by TollShield, giving our customer more peace of mind. For those using other voice service providers – minimise your risk & check if their networks have TollShield protection.

Well done team, keep questioning, keep innovating. 


Want to learn more about TollShield? You can check out the website here


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Queens Birthday Public Holiday Operating Hours 2015

All hail the British monarchy for the long weekend is upon us! All Australian states, with the exception of Western Australia, will be recognising Monday 8th June 2014 as the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Our operating hours this Queen's Birthday long weekend are:

Residential Support & Customer Service 

  • Operating at the reduced hours of 9am – 5pm AEST Monday 8th June 2015
  • Operating during regular hours over the weekend (Sat and Sun 9am to 5pm AEST) 

Business Support & Customer Service 

  • Will be open and operating during regular business hours (8:30am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri AEST)

Emergency support will continue to be available throughout the Queen’s birthday long weekend for all business customers with urgent matters.

Sales Team

Both Business and Residential sales will be CLOSED Monday 8th June 2015, however will be operating at regular hours outside of this date. 

Did you know...

The date Australia and New Zealand publically celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is not her real birthday. In fact it’s not even the correct month - Queen Elizabeth II’s actual birthday is 21st April!

The Queen’s Birthday is not recognised as public holiday in her homeland of England - they attend work as usual.

Queen Elizabeth II's birthday was celebrated on the second Thursday of June for the first seven years of her reign. When midweek became inconvenient, it was changed. 

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