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DIDs and Other Questions

At the moment we're working on making our website more informative and helpful to you, our customers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Meanwhile, we've had a few questions about the way DIDs work. You pick a DID if you want people to ring you on your MyNetFone handset. People generally pick the area where they live as their DID area. However, if you have relatives or friends living interstate who call you often, you can pick a DID with their area code if you wish - and they can then call that number for the cost of a local call. Say for example you lived in Perth and your sister lived in Melbourne. If you picked a Melbourne DID (which would have an 03 area code), your sister could ring you on that number for the cost of a Melbourne call.

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Michael Hunt said over 12 years ago

Or alternatively if they were a MyNetFone customer they could call you for free :-) DID's seem better targeted towards business for the reasons above. However if you used MyNetFone mobile and had a DID on that account you could get people to call you on that number for the cost of a local call as opposed to mobile rates. On the whole I think VoIP services basically boil down to a cost saving for personal use (with a few other benefits), but business is the main group who can leverage some of VoIP's other advantages.

Jo said over 12 years ago

It would be nice if clients could change the DID location online.

Trevor Bird said over 12 years ago

I suggest if you do pick an interstate DID that you get Mynetfone to block your DID calling number display because if you ring someone local and they are not home at the time they will then ring your interstate DID (if they have calling number display for missed calls) They are not happy when they find out that they rang your Melbourne DID to talk to you in Perth (just down the street)

Ellen said over 12 years ago

True, Trevor. Some people like to get an additional DID just to give out to friends and family interstate (additional DIDs aren't displayed on caller ID, so only people to whom you've given the number will know it). At present you can get a DID with a different area code by logging onto the "My Account" portal (you won't be able to change the area code of an existing DID however). Thanks again everyone for your comments and suggestions!

DaveB said over 12 years ago

What's the story with these new 0550 nomadic numbers? Can you choose one of those for a DID now? And how do they behave when people call them? Is it like 13 and Aus-wide-local-call-cost?

Ross said over 12 years ago

I agree with Michael's comments and that is the reason why I chose to use VoIP services that is to cut phone costs for personal use. By picking a DID with someone else's area code is mainly for their benefit of others at which point they would be far better to subscribe to MyNetFone and have calls for free.

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