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Voicemail and Follow Me

Monday October 1st is Labour Day and our customer service team will be taking a hard-earned break; hopefully you will be too! The call centre will be operating as usual this Saturday September 29th (10am to 4pm).


Wondering how to get the most out of voicemail and the new Follow Me feature? You'll find them under "My Devices" in the "My Account" portal on our homepage. From there you can control in real time what happens to all your incoming calls.

To turn on voicemail only

  • To send calls straight to voicemail, select "Redirect immediately to voicemail".
  • To send calls to voicemail if you don't answer after a certain amount of time, select "Redirect to voicemail on busy or no answer" and adjust to the desired time.

You can set up a Follow Me list by clicking "Add Follow Me". Say you had VoIP in the office, you might add your mobile to the list. If you were out of the office, business calls would go to that mobile. You can then adjust the settings as with voicemail.

To turn on Follow Me only

  • To send calls to the numbers on your Follow Me list straight away, select "Redirect immediately to Follow Me list".
  • To send calls to your Follow Me list if you don't answer after a certain amount of time, select "Redirect to Follow Me on busy or no answer" and adjust to the desired time.

Follow Me and voicemail working together

  • You can also choose to send calls to the numbers on your follow me list, and if none answer, to send the call to voicemail. Choose "Redirect to Follow Me list then voicemail on busy or no answer".

To switch OFF all voicemail and Follow Me, select "No Follow Me".
Feel free to comment if you have any questions about voicemail, Follow Me, or anything else VoIP related!

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MyBlends said over 12 years ago

What a great service. l run a Natural Organic home business and am now able to give my net number to my customers, l am able to live anywhere without having to change my phone number due to being out of the area.Nothing is more frustrating than having business cards printed with your number and then moving to another suburb and not being able to take the number with you. Now l dont have that problem.

mischa said over 12 years ago

Is the 'call forward' the follow me feature. If yes, mynetfone says its FREE. but if you forward to a mobile number you are paying for a mobile call as stated in your plan.

Ellen Pope said over 12 years ago

That's correct Mischa. The Follow Me feature is free but you'll need to take into account the number you're redirecting to.

Michael said about 1 year ago

If I am on a call on my voip service and I have voicemail and Follow me turned off, then anyone calling my voip number will get busy tone, is that correct?

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