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Super Offer: One Weekend Only!

MyNetFone is pleased to announce a Super Offer for our customers, their friends and family! For two days only, get a FREE* MyNetFone Starter Pack.

This special limited-time offer is only available to people in the know - so spread the word now to those who are yet to experience the benefits of 10-cent local and national phone calls!

Simply forward this link to your friends, family and associates! This Super Offer is on for a limited time, and will only be available on this page between 5pm on Friday 11th December and 9am on Monday 14th December. So don't delay!

Super Offer - One Weekend Only!

Forward the Super Offer link to as many people as possible to spread the word about MyNetFone's incredibly low prices for phone calls.

Help your friends and family save money in 2010!

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