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Christmas Madness!

Christmas is coming, and what better time to get connected with MyNetFone than the festive season? Think of all the calls to relatives, organising family gatherings and parties, catching up with old friends. And with dreaded prezzie buying coming up, you won't have to resort to the card and socks option. Don't strain the brain or the pocket - get your loved ones hooked up with a VoIP adapter and MyNetFone account from $19.95! It's a gift that keeps on giving; they'll make savings on their calls straightaway.

If you haven't heard, existing customers can now send text messages from their MyNetFone! Log into the "My Account" portal on our homepage to check it out. You can still send free texts until the end of November, so take it for a text drive at


*Texts are free between 05.00pm AEST 30/11/07 (Fair use policy of 25 messages per subscriber. Additional messages will be charged at 15c inc GST each).

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