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Call more parts of the world on GlobalSaver

If you're a GlobalSaver customer, you'll be happy to know you can now call more parts of the world on the global untimed rate. If you're not on GlobalSaver, maybe you should consider a change.

We've just added five new countries to the global untimed rate, meaning you can now call 35 countries, plus any landline in Australia, untimed for only 10c. Well, that is, if you use all of the 100 free calls included each month!

The new countries added are:

  India   Pakistan   Philippines   Vietnam

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Posted by God at 4:13 pm 2 Comments


Harsha said over 11 years ago

With the addittion of these new countries to Globalsaver, now I can save a lot on international as well. Great service....!

Alex said over 11 years ago

Can we please have Sri Lanka included in this list as well? Thanks.

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