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Small business, big business. Does size really matter?

Part 2: Local Numbers in the cloud 

In the last blog, we shared some tips on how you can use 1300 numbers to take your business national by providing a single, point of contact for customers to call. This week, we look at the other end of the number spectrum with local geographic phone numbers.

Whether it’s because they prefer to deal with local businesses or because most mobile providers charge more for calls to 1300 numbers, some customers may prefer to call a local number.

Don’t let your business miss out on these potential customers simply because you’re located in a different state. The cloud is virtually limitless and with this comes the ability to have as many numbers as you want, wherever you want them.

Get additional phone numbers (or DIDs) and advertise a local number in each state and/or specific region you want to reach and it will appear as if you have a presence in every state. Furthermore, having local numbers advertised on your website has the added benefit of helping improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking.

Small business, big business

Find out more about how you can get additional phone numbers or local DIDs in each state

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