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MyNetFone adds HFC

*HFC rollout is currently suspended by nbn Co. MyNetFone will resume taking HFC orders upon further notice.

MyNetFone has added hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) to its multi-technology NBN offering, opening up our competitive NBN plans to even more customers. HFC was developed by cable or ‘Pay TV’ networks to allow a high-speed, two-way broadband connection. HFC was designed to deliver video, voice and data services through a combination of fibre and coaxial cable. For more information, check out the MyNetFone speed guide.

In a HFC connection, NBN fibre is rolled out to a common node in the neighbourhood. From the node, coaxial cable will complete the connection to the premises. The cable itself is made of insulated copper to prevent external interference.

HFC technology will be used mostly around Australia's capital cities. If you or your neighbours have a pay TV subscription, it’s likely you live in the HFC footprint. An estimated 4 million premises will be connected with the technology. 

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