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Mother's Day Special Offer - get her something to last the whole year!

Treat your mum to something special this Mother's Day... flowers might wilt in 3 days, but this special offer will last her the whole year!

  • Stylish cordless VoIP phone with choice of 4 backlit display colours  
  • Free Calls for a Year* with MegaSaver Yearly plan, including 100 untimed calls Australia-wide every month for one year
  • $10 Bonus Credit for mobile and international calls

It's so simple to ge started - she'll just need to plug the phone in to a modem (or if you're being super-nice, you might do it for her!) & she can start making calls.

All this for just $199 - get over $258 value! 
Mother's Day VoIP Phone Special Offer

Make your mum proud:

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