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3 Ways SMS Can Enhance Your Business


Why should your business use SMS? 

You can expect that people will move house or change email, but their mobile number is forever. That's why business SMS text messaging is one of the most powerful (but underutilised) ways to engage new customers and organise your team.

MyNetFone MyText SMS is a business-grade SMS service that enables you to create, schedule and bulk send short messages to Australian mobile numbers. All via an easy to use Online Portal. It's fast, affordable and (for advanced users) can be integrated with business software via an API. Here's how three MyNetFone customers are seeing success with MyText SMS:


1. Appointment reminders

A community group in Queensland uses MyText SMS to send out appointment reminders a few days before a volunteer is rostered on. This scales across hundreds of registered volunteers throughout the state. And by using the Sender ID feature, every SMS shows as coming from the Organisation - adding an important branding element.


2. Opt-in marketing

Every September a Victorian Tax Agent is able to bulk message their database of 1000+ customers, alerting them that the tax lodgement date is approaching. These targeted SMS marketing blasts have increased seasonal bookings, and allow the Tax Agent to easily promote their services without their message being lost or junked.

3. Security and confirmation

In Sydney, a small Stock Broking company uses MyText SMS (via custom API integration) to automatically send their customers an SMS 'confirmation' message whenever they place a trade. Their business system generates the security verification codes, and MyText delivers these codes as personal SMS messages, within seconds of a user making changes online.


Try MyText SMS for yourself

Business SMS is a powerful but surprisingly underutilised business communication tool. 74% of Australians carry a mobile whenever they leave home (Google, 2013)  - and short messaging is a quick and easy way to connect with them! Now is the time to add MyNetFone MyText SMS capability to your organisation.


Get started online or call us on 1300 733 995.

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