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Our commitment to Australia-based customer support & service

Contrary to recent industry trends, MyNetFone Group strongly believes in onshore support and service. Together with our substantial investment in Australia-based Research & Development, we understand that local customer support – delivered by Australians to Australians – is what our customers want, residential and businesses alike.

MyNetFone Australian Call Centre for VoIP Phone services & Naked DSL internet services

Due to substantial growth in our Residential and Business (SMB and Enterprise) divisions, we recently expanded our Australian-based customer service and support operations, moving into larger premises within our company headquarters in Surry Hills, Sydney.

To expand the facilities, MyNetFone moved the sales and marketing teams to an additional level in the same Surry Hills office building. This has freed up room on the original office level accommodate a 20 per cent staff increase in our customer service and technical support call centre, and there’s enough space for new hires. 

More agents mean better, more personalised customer service & we look forward to assisting you.

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Posted by Maria at 10:41 am 3 Comments


Mark Beacham said over 6 years ago

Well done guys, good to see someone committing to good customer service done locally.

David Charles said over 6 years ago

I've had a VOIP service with MNF for 5 years and I recently took the plunge and decided to sign up on a naked ADSL plan. The switch went smoothly, as did the porting of my former Telstra number. I am happy with the internet speed and the data allowance. Great to see that your call centre is on-shore and is expanding. I've been on hold for up to 30 minutes on some occasions. Once when I asked for a call back when I didn't want to wait in the queue, I wasn't called back. This is something that needs to be looked at. I would also like to see your call centre operate on Sundays, even if the hours of operation are limited, as technical issues can arise on any given day.

Richard said over 6 years ago

Sounds good. I recently signed up my mother-in-law for naked ADSL, and there were some problems with number porting that didn't get sorted out as expected, so good to hear that there will be more support and that I won't get on the bad side of my mother-in-law in the future...

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