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New Product: Siemens A580 - top quality wireless handset for less!

The Siemens C580IP is the latest handset available on the MyNetFone Home VoIP service!

This wireless handset offers stylish design and dual-mode functionality, with 2 broadband phone lines and 1 PSTN landline. Use it to switch between internet and fixed-line calls at the touch of a button!

Plus, the handset's in-built phonebook holds up to 150 entries at your fingertips.

With its easy-to-use functionality and backlit black & white display, this phone is a wireless handset option that won't break the budget!

Siemens A580 Wireless Handset on MyNetFone VoIP Phone service

Find out all the features of Siemens A580 Wireless Handset - click here!

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