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MyNetFone Wins $20M TAS Government VoIP Contract

After a rigorous tender process, we are delighted to announce that MyNetFone has been selected by the Tasmanian Government to supply Voice over IP telephony services for an initial agreement term of three years, with extensions up to ten years, for a total contract value expected to be worth up to $20 million over the full term.

This marks a significant milestone for us. Not only is the Tasmanian Government the first state government that will use VoIP carriage to the public network, but this is also MyNetFone's first government contract, and hopefully a sign of more to come as we plan to expand further in the government and enterprise markets.

We were chosen for our ability to offer seamless transition from legacy systems to high-speed services such as the NBN, supportive of the Government's aims of using next-generation communications technology to improve service levels and enhance productivity.

The delivery of these VoIP services will be supported by the MyNetFone Enterprise SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking system, a fully-featured, next-generation digital trunk service. Our SIP solution will allow the Tasmanian Government to extend communication over IP to employees in all offices, regardless of whether they are located on a main site, at branch office or even if working remotely.

Here's what the press had to say about the deal:

Australian Financial Review: Tasmania takes its calls online 

“The move to internet-based telephone calls marks a step-change for government agencies that are traditionally conservative and usually select big telcos such as Telstra and Optus to provide telephone services.”

ABC Tech: Govt to hang up old phone technology

The Government has signed a contract with Sydney company MyNetFone to shift the network to voice-over-internet technology and operate it for the next 10 years. […] It is the first state government to deploy carriage to the public network via voice over IP, or via internet.”

Government News: VoIP contract hears further investment 

“MyNetFone Group CEO, Rene Sugo said the agreement with the Tasmanian Government shows [IP] telephony has reached the maturity and scalability to service even the largest public and private sector organisations.”

Computerworld: Tas government taps MyNetFone for VoIP

“MyNetFone winning the contract was a good sign for telephony competition in Australia, senior Telsyte analyst Rodney Gedda said. The appeal of a shift to VoIP from the perspective of government is twofold, Gedda said: Potential cost savings and access to features not available on PSTN services."

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Gee said over 8 years ago

Great works MNF!

Francis said over 8 years ago

Congratulations on putting forward a convincing business case and getting a government to accept it. I look forward to hearing of more successes from you guys, Well done!

Mark Lerno said over 3 years ago

After trying out a number of VoIP providers over the years, I came to the conclusion that Mynetfone was the most stable and reliable of the lot. Well done, MNF, and well-deserved!

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