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Mother's Day Competition Main Prize Winners

We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day either as a Mum or with their Mums. It was great to see so many deserving mothers in need of free calls for a year in our Mother's Day competition. It was a tough call but the Main Prize winners are:

ACT - Joshua Mead
"When I was living overseas my Mum sent me a Voip phone and paid for a Mynetfone account so I could keep in contact with my family and friends. Now with all her kids moving away she needs free calls for a year!"

NSW - Louis Hoskinson
For her birthday I did some DIY. I accidentally cut through asbestos costing $1000 to clean up and potentially causing cancer. I need to make up for the error this time!"

QLD - Jennifer Belcher
"Many people claim to have a mother that could talk under water however my Mother could live up to this with ease. Once our call disconnected, I called back & she had still been talking while I wasn't there. She didn't notice. She definitely deserves free calls for a year.

SA - Chiara McKibbin
"VOIP is the best,
MYNETFONE offers more talk for less!
Mum never runs out of breath,
But no longer needs to stalk me via SMS!"

TAS - Adrian Nickols
My Mum is ambitious, brainy, compassionate, driven, elegant, fun, gentle, humble, intelligent, joyful, kind, loving, motivated, nurturing, outgoing, passionate, quirky, reliable, selfless, thoughtful, unique, virtuous, wise, Xtraordinary, youthful, zealous!! Here are just 26 reasons why Mum deserves free calls for a year!! But most of all, because she's AWESOME!!"

VIC - Nicole Cappelleri
"Through recessions and wars alike
Whenever us kids had a fight
Always there to motivate and inspire!
Mum is my mentor, the one I admire
For every second she held our hands
For every minute she took a stand
For every ones childish demands
How a phone would be grand!"

WA - Martin Chape
"My mum just turned ninety. She has a Facebook page and uses the internet like a pro. She doesnt understand VOIP and like many oldies sticks to Telstra. But I reckon she would leave Telstra if she had a free phone for a year."

Congratulations! You have won:

Main Prize: Siemens C470IP phone on a MegaSaver Premium Yearly plan

You will soon receive an individual email with prize delivery details.

Congratulations to all our winners!

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