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Mother's Day Competition Daily Winner (3-10 May)

It's great to see so many Mums in need of free calls for a year and deserving ones at that! It was a tough call but our daily winner for:

10 May 2010 is Nicole Cappelleri who wrote:

"Through recessions and wars alike
Whenever us kids had a fight
Always there to motivate and inspire!
Mum is my mentor, the one I admire
For every second she held our hands
For every minute she took a stand
For every ones childish demands
How a phone would be grand!"

9 May 2010 is Rachelle Schloeffel who wrote:

"VOIP would be my mums dream come true
On the phone talking all day till her face is blue.
I try to suggest tv or a walk, but all she wants to do is talk.
Please let me this fantastic prize. Mum won't believe her ears and eyes."

Mother's Day

8 May 2010 is John Klotz who wrote:

'Because it will save me money because I won't have to call her. Win Win situation."

7 May 2010 is Abby-Jane Walsh who wrote:

"My Mother in Law actually got us onto VOIP & My Net phone, so she definatley deserves a big thank you with Free Calls for a year for saving us a fortune! I love My net phone! Can't believe we ever lived without it.'"

Congratulations! You have won:

Daily Prize: Linksys SPA2102 adaptor on SuperSaver plan and $20 credit

You will soon receive an individual email with prize delivery details.

Previous Daily Winners:

6 May 2010 - Marcus Cunningham

"As Mum is almost tied to her phone, she's on it so much that it's almost part of her body yet she complains about the cost and if she won then cost would be a thing of the past.'"

5 May 2010 - Byron Myers

"She always has a phone to her ear, but the telephone bill brings no cheer, to see her happy all year round, a better deal could not be found, we live away from family and friends so to stay in contact it's on the phone she depends!"

4 May 2010 - Derek Field

"My Mum lost my Dad on 15 December last year. My Dad had emphysema but it was still a large unexpected shock when he died. My Mum deserves the free calls more than ever now, as she is alone, and needs to keep in contact with friends and family."

3 May 2010 - Debrah Bingham

"My son purchased MNF for me and gave me a years worth of phone calls and it was the best present ever last year, and i want to give my mother the same so we can all get Free Phone calls to each other."

Don't forget, you can enter as many times as you like and you don't have to be a MyNetFone customer to enter. So tell your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends about this for their chance to win amazing daily prizes and a main prize for each state.

You've got to be in it to win it, so what are you waiting for? Enter Now!

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