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Insight into Business VoIP Buyers 2014

The number of small businesses that are now switching to VoIP is increasing at a rather impressive rate. But who are these Business VoIP buyers, what services are they seeking and what has led them to VoIP?  

Well a recent study by the Software Advice sought to find answers to these questions. The Software Advice examined the responses of 362 randomly sampled small businesses that were seeking new VoIP software. Here are some of the intriguing insights they gathered:

  • Only 6% of the Business VoIP buyers were in IT positions. 

A common misconception is that VoIP is overly technical and requires extensive IT knowledge. Debunked. The study actually found that the vast majority of VoIP buyers (81%) were actually business owners and in management positions. 

  • 58% were considering VoIP services for the first time, of which 31% are still using a traditional landline. Moreover, 0% wanted to purchase an on-premise IP BPX.  

These findings show small businesses are shifting toward VoIP solutions, even if some still rely on traditional landlines they are seeking an alternate solution. The data provided evidence that on-premise PBX's have had their day, and the overwhelming preference of the respondents (77%) wanted a web based solution (cloud).

  • 32% of the participants cited reliability and scalability as their top reasons for wanting to purchase a new VoIP system. See the table below for some of the other popular motives:

  • The industry composition of the Business VoIP buyers is actually incredibly diverse.

The business fields of the VoIP Buyers in the study varied hugely and ranged from Professional Services, Healthcare, Contact Centres, Manufacturing, to Media, Entertainment & Non-profit.

The study found business VoIP buyers are interested in solutions that are not merely reliable, but also scalable and could be implemented within 30 days. Few buyers have an IT background and the business landscape in which VoIP is being utilised encompasses a huge variety of industries. As the study was conducted in the US (technology adoption capital) it provides an excellent insight of what’s to come in Australia. 

Business VoIP is also known by many other names: cloud PBX, hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and more. Regardless of what you call it, one thing is clear - it's time to consider what it can do for your business. Don't get left behind.

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Software Advice, Daniel Harris. 2014. VoIP Software Small Business BuyerView | 2014. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 December 14].

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