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Find out what sets MyNetFone apart in the Rust Report interview with Rene Sugo, MyNetFone CEO

Ever wondered what makes MyNetFone stand out compared to other companies offering VoIP solutions?

In a video interview for the Rust Report, the MyNetFone CEO Rene Sugo shares his take on what makes MyNetFone different and the vision for the future of the VoIP industry and the company.

View the video interview:

Video interview with MyNetFone CEO Rene Sugo

A few key sound-bites include:

  • What sets MyNetFone apart is that we have been established for 10 years and have our own carrier-grade network across the country. This gives us to get direct access to all the established Telcos and allows us to deliver great functionality at low prices, with great quality of service to residential and business consumers.
  • Ideal for SMEs, especially start-ups and companies moving offices, as MyNetFone business services provide quick deployment and professional features including voicemail, faxing, call transfers and auto-attendant for a lower price than traditional Telcos.
  • NBN will provide a great opportunity to providers like MyNetFone, as it will change the mindset of consumers around IP services and provide reliable IP access for delivery of high quality services.

To find out more, watch the video interview.

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