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Easter Public Holiday 2015 - Reduced Operating Hours

Time to start planning the family's get-away activities! Easter is almost here, bringing with it an onslaught of chocolatey treats and a warmly welcomed four day weekend. MyNetFone will be operating at reduced hours over this public holiday, so please take note of our operating hours below:

MyNetFone’s Residential Support centre will be closed Friday 3rd April, however, will be open and operating at reduced hours over the remaining holiday period. 

MyNetFone’s Residential Sales will be closed over the Easter break but will open and operating at the reduced hours of 9am-5pm AEST on Monday 6th April.

The MyNetFone Business Sales & Support centres will be closed throughout the Easter long weekend, with afterhours Emergency Support continuing to be available if needed.

Normal operating hours will resume from Tuesday, 2nd April.

Residential Customer Support: Business Customer Support: 
Friday 3rd April - Closed Friday 3rd April - Closed
Saturday 4th April – Open 9am to 5pm AEST Saturday 4th April - Closed
Sunday 5th April - Open 9am to 5pm AEST Sunday 5th April - Closed
Monday 6th April – Open 9am to 5pm AEST Monday 6th April - Closed

Have a fantastic Easter break!

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See what NBN rollout actually looks like

There a lot of talk about the National Broadband Network (NBN), but do you want to see what the rollout of this new-generation technology actually looks like?

A few members of the MyNetFone team visited one of the 'greenfield' new housing developments in Sydney's western suburbs this week, and saw first-hand what the NBN rollout to these new communities involves.

Here are a few photos from the visit - as you can see, NBN is really quite a simple network at the suburb level, yet delivers such huge possibilites for internet speed, reliability and applications such as VoIP to be channelled over it.

Greenfield site deployment like shown in the photos is different from the way NBN rolls out to existing streets and houses. With greenfields, the streets are cleared and paved, and the houses built at the same time as the NBN is installed, so the fibre cabling can be pre-arranged to go underground all the way up to the houses. Inside, the new houses have purpose-designed little cupboards to house the NBN premise devices.

In contrast, in existing suburbs the fibre most often needs to be delivered to the houses through above-ground overhead cabling - afterall, few people would agree to have their lawns dug up!

New house going up at Bunya development site, Doonside. "Mini-exchange" Temporary Fibre Access Node (T-FAN) housing the heart of the NBN access for the new development.
NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone


NBN cabling in the ground.


NBN Premises Connection Device (PCD) on the outside of one of the houses.

NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone


Checking out display homes from different builders - all already NBN enabled!


Close-up of the T-FAN on the development site.

NBN internet rollout MyNetFone NBN internet rollout MyNetFone

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Mother's Day Special Offer - get her something to last the whole year!

Treat your mum to something special this Mother's Day... flowers might wilt in 3 days, but this special offer will last her the whole year!

  • Stylish cordless VoIP phone with choice of 4 backlit display colours  
  • Free Calls for a Year* with MegaSaver Yearly plan, including 100 untimed calls Australia-wide every month for one year
  • $10 Bonus Credit for mobile and international calls

It's so simple to ge started - she'll just need to plug the phone in to a modem (or if you're being super-nice, you might do it for her!) & she can start making calls.

All this for just $199 - get over $258 value! 
Mother's Day VoIP Phone Special Offer

Make your mum proud:

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5 cent VoIP Adaptor offer - starts TODAY for 3 days only!

For 3 days only, we are offering a VoIP Adaptor for just 5 CENTS˜on MegaSaver or higher plans with 6 month commitment. Save $49.90 off the Adaptor's recommended retail price!

So if your friends or family have been thinking of trying VoIP, or if you need a new VoIP Adaptor for yourself, now is the perfect time to get started for next to nothing.

The Adaptor features include:

  • VoIP Phone Adaptor + in-built Router
  • One broadband phone line
  • Plugs into your regular handset to make low-cost calls, or connect to a regular fax machine to send faxes over VoIP
  • Programmed only to operate on the MyNetFone service

Plus you get all these handy call features with the MyNetFone VoIP Service:

  • Free Voicemail Box and Voicemail-to-email
  • Caller ID Presentation
  • No STD Charges - all national calls are charged the same as local, and are untimed
  • Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Transfer and more

Click here to find out more about the 5 cent VoIP Adaptor & get started!

Don't miss out, and remember to pass the offer on to your friends & family.

Available for 3 days only, 9am 30th March to 5pm 1st April 2011!

5 cent VoIP Adaptor Special

˜Shipping fee of $12.95 applies

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Panasonic KX-TG1811 Analog Handsets now reduced even further - SAVE $25!

Time for a new phone handset?

Replace your old handset, or get an additional one to make the most of your VoIP service!

Panasonic KX-TG1811 handsets are now even further reduced to just $29.95 (save a massive $25) 

  • Cordless Handset
  • DECT Enhanced 1.88-1.90GHz for excellent sound clarity
  • Selectable Ring Tones (20 Presets)
  • Caller ID* and Private Name Display
  • 50 Station Phone Book for easy dialing
  • Wall-Mountable

Limted stock, so don't miss out!

Get a new handset now - click here!

Note: This handset is not VoIP enabled, and you will need a VoIP Adaptor to use it with a VoIP service

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Time for a new handset?

Replace your old handset, or get an additional one to make the most of your VoIP service!

Panasonic KX-TG1811 and KX-TG1855 cordless handsets are now reduced, so grab a bargian today.

Strictly while stocks last, so don't miss out!

Click here to see & order the products.

Note: These handsets are analog & not VoIP-enabled. To use with VoIP, you need to connect them to a VoIP Adaptor or VoIP-supporting modem/router.

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New Product: Cisco SD208P

The new Cisco SD208P offers great performance and Power over Ethernet in a compact size.

The Cisco SD208P 8-Port 10/100 Switch (with 4-port PoE) offers the performance and ease of use you need to get your business connected quickly and easily. Designed and priced for small businesses that want a simple network solution, the switch:

  • Connects up to eight network devices — including computers, printers, and servers — to share and transfer files and videos across your network.
  • Works right out of the box with no software to configure.
  • Features PoE to power network attached devices.

Click here to find out more!

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NetComm VoIP Gateway Price Reductions - save up to $350!

Great news for MyNetFone Multi-line customers & those thinking of signing up!

It's now easier than ever to get your business onto VoIP & save on phone bills, with huge reductions on 2, 3 and 8 line NetComm gateways:

  • NetComm V422 with 2 VoIP Lines - now just $99.95 (Save a huge $250)
  • NetComm V431 with 3 VoIP Lines - also just $99.95 (Save $250)
  • NetComm V880 with 8 VoIP Lines - down to $299.95 (Save $350)
  • Each product also includes $20 Bonus Credit!
(all prices include GST)

Don't miss out on these fantastic offers - strictly while stocks last.

Click here to get started with Multi-Line VoIP & a NetComm Gateway!

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SIP Trunking Demystified and In Action

Ever wondered about SIP Trunking, how it works and how much your business could be saving (up to 50% in some cases!)?

Rohan Smith of Arndell Anglican College explains SIP Trunking in words we can all understand.

Find out how moving to SIP Trunking has enabled Arndell Anglican College to benefit from increased efficiency and improved service levels, while saving 50% off their monthly phone bills at the same time!

Your business could easily get all these benefits and start saving too -

Call 1300 733 995 to find out more

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NET added to approved equipment list for MyNetFone SIP Trunking

We are glad to announce that NET VX Series platform has fassed full-testing and is compatible with the MyNetFone SIP Trunking solution.

NET's VX Series is a comprehensive IP telephony solution, which in conjunction with MyNetFone SIP Trunking allows customers to leverage the cost savings and functional benefits of unified communications as well as simplifing the network by converging their PBX voice traffic onto a single converged data network.

Find out more about MyNetFone SIP Trunking here.

Or see the full list of approved equipment for MyNetFone SIP Trunking.

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