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Easter Egg Hunt Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Easter Egg Hunt - we hope you had dun and it got you in the a light-hearted mood for the Easter Break.

All successful Egg Hunters had to answer a quick question as part of their entry: "What do you tell your friends to get them to join MyNetFone?" - below we provide the winner's answers. Some are funny, some are cute, some very practical, and all definitely champion MyNetFone benefits.

Time to announce our Easter Egg Hunt winners:


1st prize: Tony Cooke

Tony recommends MyNetFone because: "Telemarketers hang up on me because their phone deals just can't compete with what I pay for my calls [with MyNetFone]!!! How Great is THAT!!". Tony, that made us laugh out loud!

Tony - you get a huge chocolate hamper worth $195, plus a Siemens C470 handset and Free Calls for a Year with our MegaSaver Premium Yearly plan. Congratulations!

2nd Prizes: Alan Brooks and Mireille Carey

You each get a chocolate hamper and Free Calls for a Year with our MegaSaver Yearly plan. Well done!

In response to the competition question, Alan wrote:

"I just show them my MyNetFone VOIP phone bill for the month and say "bet you can't beat that !" and then watch their jaw drop ....." Awesome mental image, sometimes even we ourselves are surprised by how much better off our customers are on the MyNetFone service.

While Mireille's response was:

"We tell friends that live out of sydney metro to join MyNetFone to help them save on calls - most phonecalls for them are STD rates - they love it!" Indeed, this is a huge benefit to our customers - every day we're seeing more people get rid of those pricey Telco's STD charges by switching to VoIP and MyNetFone!

3rd Prizes: Benjamin Sanderson, Louise Warren, Nathan Booth, Scott Paton and Benjamin Blazely

Each of you get $20 MNF call credit.

Benjamin S. wrote: "VoIP through MyNetFone pays for itself! See this cash in my wallet? I don't have to give it to my old telco for their shareholders!!"

Good point, Benjamin, and good riddance of the Telco's!

Louise said: "I tell them about the deal for free net phone to netphone and DID's that wont cost the earth that friends and family can call at a cost of a local call. I also tell them about the awards received by money magazine. I also tell them about my experience with my netfone- i havent had any trouble with them at all :)"

Louise, brownie points for mentioning our awards!

Nathan responded: "This is amazing! I'm living in the UK for a few months and have a Mynetfone box here with me. It means that I can call home for next to nothing and they can all call me for the cost of a local call. I can even call Aussie mobiles for better rates than if I was actually there!!"

 Glad we can help you stay in touch with the family, Nathan!

Scott took a light-hearted approach to MyNetFone's benefits: "Cheap, cheap. Is...that a bird? No, it's a MyNetFone bill! Service delivered on time, every month, for quarter the price of a landline!"

Finally, Benjamin B. 'hopped' into the Easter spirit: "They'd be hopping mad not to! And now they can keep their existing number there's really no argument. It's cheaper, the service is great and that's before I go into all the value-adds that I get for free! And the golden egg, they can talk to me for free. Who could pass that up? ;-)"

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