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Auto top-up and other questions...

For those of you who haven't yet had a look, our updated homepage has a shiny new "My Account" portal. From there you can view and control almost any facet of your account - check or top up your balance, make a payment, look at past invoices, change your plan, and heaps of other handy stuff. For those new to this, just log in on our home page using your MyNetFone number (SIP number) and password.

We've had a few questions lately about auto top-up - what is it? It's a way of making sure you always have enough credit in your account to make that all important call. It can happen in two ways. One - at the end of the month we debit your credit card with just enough to bring your account balance up to a nominated amount (say $20). Two - instead of waiting til the end of the month we'll debit your credit card when your balance drops below $5. Easy! Auto top-up is a condition of most of our specials, but heaps of customers choose this option for its convenience. Remember, we're only topping up what you spend. For example, say your auto top-up amount is $20. Now let's say that in one particular month you used $11.50 of your $20 credit. We would debit your card with only $11.50 so that you would start the invoicing month with $20 credit.

On a similar subject, we are continuing to update our FAQs, but they already have heaps of questions answered. Keep checking back under Support » FAQ .

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Robert said over 12 years ago

That looks great... Very Web 2.0. Reminds me I might need topping up soon.

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