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5 Common NBN Myths - Debunked

With any new technology, there can be some confusion as we grapple with the transition. Unfortunately for the NBN, there are a lot of negative myths perpetuated by customers, service providers and the media alike. Here are 5 of the most common NBN myths – debunked.

Australia doesn’t need faster internet.

False. We’re constantly using more data. Not only have downloads and data plans increased, so have the amount of Australian’s taking on fixed lined plans.

ABS: Australia’s increasing use of data.


Wireless NBN is the same as mobile broadband.

False. While both technologies leverage 4G technology, Wireless NBN will be ‘fixed’ - meaning the number of premises it caters for is capped. Unlike mobile broadband which can experience inconsistent speeds and high amounts of congestion. The NBN will even be using a completely different network. Which means if you experience poor mobile reception, it will not affect your Fixed Wireless connection.

NBN Fixed Wireless explained.


My current PBX phone system will work on the NBN

True. Despite what some commission-hungry service providers might tell you, any PBX phone system can be configured to operate on the NBN.

Is your phone system ready for the NBN? – The next Y2K fear award.


Rural and regional Australian’s won’t benefit

False. The NBN’s objective is to connect all Australians to the network. While Premises using satellite and wireless NBN will have slower download speeds than direct connections, the vast majority of premises will be better off than before the NBN rollout.

NBN’s sky muster living up to promise of faster internet – so far


I can continue using a DSL connection

False. The legacy copper network will be disconnected 18 months after NBN connection. You have this period to organise your new NBN connection.

What services will be switched off?


Soon the NBN will be the national standard for broadband and voice communications. When it reaches your premises, it’s important to know your options. 

And remember! Always choose a telco willing to give you clear advice, and not leverage the confusion around new technology.

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