Standard Fee Table

This area sets out our standard fee table for miscellaneous and optional services. Our standard pricing for services are set out in the relevant Critical Information Summaries for residential and business products, and in the relevant Service Schedules for enterprise products.

All prices quoted include GST.


Type of Fee or Charge Description Amount
Paper Invoice Fee  If you request an paper copy of your invoice, and you normally recieve it in another format (email, HTML, etc) we will apply a fee for the paper copy.  $5.00
Copy of Invoice Fee

 Applied when you request a copy of an invoice more than 3 months after the issue date, and that invoice is freely available through the MyAccount portal. Fee applies for each invoice you request.

Late Payment Fee  Applied when an amount that is due for payment is not paid by the 2nd Reminder Notice $11.00
Dishonour Fee  Applied immediately when your direct debit or periodical payment is dishonoured due to not having enough money in your account.  $33.00
Reconnection Fee  Applied when an an account is reconnected after being Suspended.  $99.00
Number Recovery Fee  Applied when you have unleased a number from your account and you request to retrieve it from quarantine.  $20.00



Type of Fee or Charge Description Amount
Incorrect Call Out Fee  Applied if you have requested a DSL technician attend site and it is determined that the fault is caused by your own equipment or within your premises  $220.00
Relocation Fee  Applied when you request to relocate your DSL or NBN service to another location. $99.00

Enhanced Services

Type of Fee or Charge Description Amount
White Pages Listing  Applied immediately when you accept the listing charge.  $30.00


Enhanced Support

Type of Fee or Charge Description Amount
After Hours Support Charge

 Applied when you request support assistance outside of standard support hours. Only available for business services (e.g. VPBX, SIP Trunk, Business DSL). Charges apply regardless of where the fault is. The first hour is charged in full even if less than the full hour is used, and then in 15 minute increments.


Remote Data-centre Assistance  This applies when you request on-site technical assistance for your equipment hosted in our racks.  $240.00/Hour