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Personal Virtual Fax service from MyNetFone

MyNetFone’s Virtual Fax service allows you to keep your existing fax numbers, and maintain current send/receive capability, while eliminating unnecessary fax overhead. Instead of using fax lines and clunky old fax machines, MyNetFone Virtual Fax delivers your incoming faxes to your nominated email address (as PDF documents) and enables you to send documents as faxes from your windows PC (as easily as printing).

Virtual Fax requires software to be installed on your windows PC (you can find our step-by-step guide here). One software license is included. You will need to license multiple instances of Virtual Fax to send faxes from multiple PCs.


MyNetFone Virtual Fax Machine

Save money by eliminating:

  • Clunky old fax machines and adaptors
  • Monthly fax line rental costs
  • Consumables (toner, paper etc)
  • Waste paper and document storage
  • 'Per page' faxing costs

Enhance home office productivity by:

  • Sending faxes as easily as 'printing' documents
  • Receiving multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Filing recieved faxes electronically (PDF)
  • Storing 7 days of correspondance online
  • Paying 'per send' - as many pages as you need

  Virtual Fax - Personal (Month-to-month) Virtual Fax - Personal (1 year)
Service license (Windows only) 1 PC 1 PC
Send faxes (Australia) 10c /send 10c /send
Send faxes (International) From 1.9c/min From 1.9c/min
Receive faxes Free & Unlimited Free & Unlimited
Setup charge $19.95 $19.95
Starting credit (once-off) $5 $20
Service charge




Order MyNetFone Virtual Fax - Personal (month-to-month)

Critical Information Summary

Order MyNetFone Virtual Fax - Personal (1 year)

Critical Information Summary

Optional: Bring your fax number to MyNetFone 

All MyNetFone Virtual Fax services include one new local fax number per service license. However, you can also bring an existing fax number to MyNetFone. The process of transferring a fax number to a new provider is called Number Porting (additional setup and service fees apply).

Learn more about Number Porting


Operating System Requirements

Virtual Fax is currently only available on Windows XP Professional, Vista (Business, Ultimate & Enterprise) and 7 (Professional & Ultimate)operating systemsˆ. The Windows XP Home edition, Windows Vista Home Basic & Premium editions, and Windows 7 Home Basic & Premium editions do not have the Windows Fax & Scan software by default - you could download 3-rd partyFax & Scan drivers to Vista Home Basic or Premium to allow it to support MyNetFone Virtual Fax, however we cannot guarantee interoperability as Vritual Fax has not been tested with 3-rd party software.Virtual Fax is not compatible with Mac or Windows 10. 

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