How does VoIP work?

The Technical Spiel

The adaptor converts your voice into IP packets (small bits of information) and sends them to the MyNetFone server using your broadband connection. We then switch the calls back over the internet, or to the public switched telephone network.

 All our equipment arrives to you pre-configured and takes the mystery out of VoIP calls – To make calls using VoIP, all you do is plug the VoIP adaptor in! The MyNetFone voice adaptor needs to be connected between your phone handset and the internet modem

And that's it! You can immediately start making calls with MyNetFone and saving a small fortune off your phone bills.

What do I need?

To make calls on the MyNetFone Service you will require:

And that’s it! You don't have to spend a heap on equipment and you can even use your existing telephone handsets to call anywhere in the world!

Just dial the phone number on your normal phone handset, no differently from the way you use a landline phone service.

Now that VoIP is no secret to you, let's Get Started!