Softphone for MyNetFone VoIP Home plans

MyNetFone Desktop is a feature-rich, next generation softphone application that delivers Voice and Video communications on your computer. 

Built under license by the industry leading softphone developer Counterpath, the application uses MyNetFone's advanced VoIP Network and open standard SIP communication protocols to deliver a high-quality experience for your phone and video calls.


The MyNetFone Desktop softphone is available 2 options:

  • Lite - is a basic app with 1 voice line and no video support
  • Enhanced - includes advanced functionality with 2 voice lines and video calling

MyNetFone Desktop


MyNetFone Desktop


App price
$29.95 once-off $74.95 once-off
Lines / ISN 1 line 2 lines
Video H264 Support No Yes
No contract No contract
Support Coverage
  1 year support included 3 years support included

Why get a Softphone?

The MyNetFone Desktop application is often used to replace or complement existing physical phones, because it provides rich and varied features not accessible on physical phones.



  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Click-to-dial capabilities
  • Video calls to other on-net devices and video conference bridges (Enhanced version only)
  • Mac and Windows versions
  • Easy to install - no technical knowledge required
  • Lower upfront costs than many adaptors or VoIP-enabled phones
  • No additional power consumption
  • No additional desktop clutter
  • Portability - your phone application travels with you on your laptop
  • On-going features updates and upgrades through the included support program

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How MyNetFone Desktop softphone compares to others

MyNetFone Desktop provides the maximum level of support, features and fully automated provisioning so that you can set it up even with no technical knowledge. In addition, the MyNetFone Desktop softphone delivers:

  1. Fully Provisioned Client: Our solution does not require you to understand the complexities of SIP servers, Ports, QoS and so on, as these settings will be provisioned from our server. All you need to do is complete a very basic setu-up using our step-by-step guide.
  2. Extensive Codec Support: MyNetFone Desktop supports all the standard industry codecs including G729 and H264 Video Codecs.
  3. Feature Rich Client: MyNetFone Desktop and our infrastructure supports instant messaging, presence and Video.
  4. On-Going Vendor and Carrier Support: MyNetFone's Support team can talk you through the simple installation if needed, while our agreement with Counterpath ensures you have the latest updates and upgrades available to you during the life of your softphone plan as defined in the Support Coverage field of the table above.

If you choose to use one of the free softphones available on the market, you will not get access to any of these quality features, and you will need to be tech-savvy to install and configure the softphone... with MyNetFone Desktop, it's all done for you.

Similarly, if you choose to get the softphone from another provider, it may include some of the features and support, but it will not be intergrated into the MyNetFone Virtual PBX phone system and will not include MyNetFone Tech Support. You would need to get a qualified person to install it on the MyNetFone service... why bother, when the MyNetFone Desktop ensures simple installation and the support of an expert team?

Find out more about the MyNetFone Desktop softphone in our FAQ section.

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