MyNetFone Desktop - End of Life - FAQs


What is happening?

MyNetFone Desktop (softphone) applications are end of life and may no longer work as normal from 5th May 2019. The change is being forced by our vendor (Counterpath) choosing to obsolete the Bria 3.5 Softphone client. This change affects the following services:

  • MNF-Lite 
  • MNF-LitePlus
  • MNF-Enh
  • MNF-EnhPlus 

Windows and MacOS computers will no longer be able to access to Counterpath’s Licensing server. The connection will become invalid as of this date and the application will stop working.


Can this be delayed?

Unfortunately, there is no way of extending this timeline.

For MNF-LitePlus, and MNF-EnhPlus, where you currently pay a monthly fee, we will stop charging your account from the 5th May. 


What do I need to do to fix it?

Click this link to upgrade to the most current softphone (Counterpath Bria version 5).

  • It's free (we're covering the cost) for a limited time.
  • Upgrade is one-for-one. Only for the number of MNF-Lite, MNF-LitePlus, MNF-Enh or MNF-EnhPlus you currently have.


What if I want to use some other softphone?

Please discuss this with MyNetFone support before you make a purchase of the softphone of your choice. MyNetFone support might provide you login credentials (SIP credentials and domain details) but would require you to setup the client.


How do I find which Softphone licenses I have with MyNetFone?

You can find the list of your Softphone licenses by looking at Equipment Purchases on your invoice. Depending on your license type, each license will be listed as an individual entry


What is my license type and what does it mean?

There are four types of services which were made available to you

License Name


Payment method


Desktop Lite client



Desktop Lite client

Monthly ongoing


Desktop client



Desktop client

Monthly ongoing


Each of the above services are using a Bria 3.5 softphone client. These can be replaced with a Bria 5 softphone client. Each service is mapped with one Bria software license.

For example:

  1. if you have 4 MNF-LitePlus, you will need 4 Bria licenses.
  2. If you have 2 MNF-LitePlus and 3 MNF-Enh, you will need 5 Bria licenses.


What happens if I do nothing?

Your current license will stop working from 5th May. You will not be able to login and use the soft phone.


What do I do if I am no longer using the softphone product?

In that case you don’t need to buy a new license. Just inform us by contacting MyNetFone support.


In what way is MyNetFone helping with  new license procurement?

We have made arrangements with Counterpath Corporation for them to provide us retail licenses to their Bria Software. We intend to provide the new licenses at no cost to you, to the extent of the number of MNF-Lite, MNF-LitePlus, MNF-Enh or MNF-EnhPlus that you currently have. To exercise this option, please click this link.

Once you submit the form, MyNetFone will validate your details and get in touch with you on the next steps. These would include providing you the new license keys, your login credentials, and a quick setup guide.


What if I want to procure more MNF-Lite, MNF-LitePlus, MNF-Enh or MNF-EnhPlus services?

We are offering you the Bria licenses to the extent of the services that you already have with us.

Should you need more instances of the service, please procure the additional Bria 5 licenses directly from the vendor and inform us when you are ready to install and use.


What changes when I move to the new software Bria 5?

You have been using you MyNetFone username and password to login to the Bria client. With the new Bria 5 licence you will be provided with a separate set of (SIP) credentials by the MyNetFone support team.

Your local settings and call history on the softphone will be lost. The Bria 5 client is different from Bria 3.5. There is unfortunately no way to restore them.

Bria 5 is the latest version of the Bria softphone client and has several feature additions compared to the version you are using. Feature information can be found here 


What happens with Bria software updates in future?

We are providing a retail version of Bria 5 licenses. Future support for the licences will be provided to you directly by Counterpath Corporation.

We understand that minor version upgrades shall be provided to you free of charge, however, please note that major software upgrades require a software re-purchase of .

For more details, please contact Counterpath Corporation directly.


Whom to contact if I have queries on the Softphone application?

For all softphone related queries, please contact Counterpath Corporation.


Can I transfer my license from one device to another?

Yes, and this can be done once in a 90 day interval. Please contact Counterpath support for the same.


Can I transfer my license from one user to another?

No, the licenses are allocated to a specific user, and hence cannot be transferred to others.