Design, program and implement your own SMS solution

The MyNetFone MyText SMS API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that lets you design, program and implement your own SMS solutions, using MyNetFone's low cost SMS service. The MyText SMS API is ideal for embedded applications, security systems, monitoring systems, web portals and custom software development.

The MyText SMS API uses simple and secure HTTPS requests to submit SMS requests. This can be called from any web browser or application. Simply submit the fields in the request URL as specified below.

Message Format[username]&password=[password]&to=[destination]&subscriptionId=[subscription id]&text=[message]

The message should be all on one line with no spaces between the URL and the parameters.

The API supports both HTTP GET and POST methods.

Message Parameters

[username] = your MyNetFone username, as per the MyAccount portal, i.e. 09xxxxxx

[password] = your MyNetFone password

[destination] = the destination number, or multiple numbers seperated by a comma, i.e. 04xxxxxx

[subscription id] = SMS Subscription id, as per the MyAccount Portal

[message] = the text message to send. Only the first 160 characters will be sent.

Please ensure the order of the parameters is correct, otherwise your text message may not work.

To send international SMS, simply put in the full international number in E.164 format - i.e. no 0011 prefix.

Message Responses 

You will receive one of the following standard HTTP response codes:

200 - OK, your message has been sent successfully.

401 - Authentication failure, check your username and password.

500 - Message failed to send or there was an error, please check your message and try again.