MyText SMS

Send SMS from your MyNetFone account!

Now you can send SMS messages* from your MyNetFone account via the My Account portal.

MyText SMS allows you to send instant SMS messages to single or multiple recipients with one quick sweep across the keyboard. You can even register your own mobile number so it's displayed as the sender ID and also receive replies to your SMS' through your mobile handset!

About MyText SMS

Not in the mood for conversation? MyText SMS is the quick and easy way to get your message across and for only 15c per message, it has to be the most inexpensive too!

  • MyText is charged at 15c per SMS (inc. GST). Messages to multiple recipients are charged as separate messages
  • Each SMS has a maximum of 160 characters

How to send MyText SMS - Choose what's best for you!

From the MyAccount portal

Login to the My Account portal, then go to: MyText SMS -> SMS Service
Add single or multiple recipients, your message, press send & you're done!

Quick MyText SMS

MyText Quick SMS allows you to send an SMS from your MyNetFone account without the need to log in to the My Account portal.

Check it out here!

*SMS delivery is subject to 'best effort' support and we cannot guarantee that all messages will reach their destination number, especially for international SMS.


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