Global Access Dial-in

VoIP call rates from any phone* - ideal for Global Access calls from your landline to a local Access Number.

With Global Access Dial-in, you can make calls using your MyNetFone service without any VoIP-enabled equipment or VoIP phone system installed. Simply dial into your local Global Access Point from a pre-registered telephone number (Global Access Number) and then call via your MyNetFone service.

The Dial-in option is ideal for using Global Access when making calls from a landline to a local Access Number, so you only pay for one local call to your Telco, and then low MyNetFone VoIP rates for the rest of the call.


If you want to use Global Access from a mobile phone or if you do not have a local Access Number, use the Global Access Callback option to avoid paying STD fees or 'per minute' mobile rates.

How it works

  • The call to your local global access point will be billed by your traditional service provider (landline / mobile) for the entire call duration*
  • The call from the global access point to your final call destination will be billed at low MyNetFone rates.
  • To minise your costs, the best scenario is to call from a landline to your local global access point*.

Global Access diagram



  • Save a small fortune on international calls with Global Access Dial-in!

  • Access MyNetFone call rates from any telephone** - dial in from the office, your mobile phone, even whilst on holidays!

  • Take advantage of MyNetFone call rates without setting up a VoIP broadband phone solution!

Get the full list of our Global Access Dial-in Points here!

* Please note, if calling the global access point from a mobile, your mobile provider may charge you per-minute call rate for the entire duration of the call (until you hang up). Additionally, if calling a global access point in another code-area (e.g. different city), you landline provider will charge you STD call rates for the duration of the call. Therefore the best scenario is to call from a landline to a local access point, which will ensure you are only charged the cost of a local call.
Maximum of 5 numbers can be registered per account.Global Access numbers must be pre-registered in the My Account portal before you can use the Global Access feature; if a telephone number is not registered, the feature will not work. The Global Access feature will not work using a pay phone or from within the MyNetFone VoIP service.