CLI Overstamping

Display your landline number using VoIP

Make calls displaying your 'original' PSTN CLI number* (Calling Line Identifier), using your VoIP service.

Your friends, family and clients can recognise your number and take your call (rather than screen it if they see an unfamiliar number).

How it works

  Simply login to the MyAccount Portal and go to 'My Voice Service', then choose a MyNetFone number in the left menu

  Click on 'Direct In-Dial Numbers' in the top menu

  Enter the CLI you want to display (Australian numbers only) and click 'Register'


  • People you call can recognise your number
  • People can see your landline number and call you back on it.


The 'Overstamp' lasts for 6 months. To renew the Overstamp, simply follow the same process as above.

* To use this service you must be the legal owner of the MyNetFone DID you are presenting. Only Australian phone numbers can be used as overstamping lines - not available for overseas numbers.