Terms & Conditions of Number Porting to MyNetFone


Porting Fees and Charges

Number porting is free if successful.

In the rare event that a port fails, you will be charged a $30 rejection fee. Residential number porting is carried out on the assumption that a number does not have any dependant services (eg ADSL, Foxtel, Fax/Duet). Therefore, the presence of any dependant service (sharing the phone line) will cause the number port to be rejected.

Cancellation and reversal charges

Customers are free to change their mind and cancel the porting request after the porting form has been submitted. However, customers will incur a $30 cancellation fee if they withdraw up to 1 business day before porting is scheduled to occur (called the 'cutover' date).

If a customer withdraws later than 1 business day before the porting is scheduled, or wishes to return to their previous carrier after the port is complete, they will incurr a $200 reversal fee. When a number port is reversed, the number will be ported back to the previous landline and previous carrier. 


Emergency Calling

MyNetFone numbers are delivered via VoIP. This relies on an active, stable internet connection and an active power socket. Where the internet connection is unstable or power is unreliable, customers may experience outages or service disruption. Therefore, MyNetFone cannot guarentee faultless emergency call services.

Calls to Emergency Services ‘000’ may not work at all times. For example, a VoIP call cannot be made when the power is out or the Internet is down. Emergency service operators are also unable to identify your physical location so you will need to inform them.

This limitation is easy to overcome! We recommend that you keep a mobile available for calling emergency services in the rare case of power outage or internet unavailability.


General Porting Terms & Conditions

  1. Porting can only take place once the Residential Number Porting Form has been submitted. It should be completed by a person who is the authorised representative for your MyNetFone account. The porting request is valid for 90 days after the signatory date.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided on the number porting application matches the information held by your current service provider. Your current service provider may reject the port request if the information you provide is incorrect or does not match the data held by them.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that no dependant services (ADSL, Fax/Duet etc) are using the phone line associated with the number to be ported. The presence of these services will cause the port to fail. 
  4. Only your telephone number will be ported to MyNetFone. Porting may result in the loss of any dependant services using the phone line associated with the number to be ported.
  5. MyNetFone provides no guarantee that we can port your telephone number from your current Service Provider. A porting request may be rejected for any of the reasons states in the Local Number Portability Code (C540), which is available on the ACMA website.
  6. You are responsible for settling your financial account with your current Service Provider if you owe them outstanding contractual obligations and costs. MyNetFone is not liable for any such costs.
  7. You must not deactivate your existing service when porting. Telephone numbers can only be ported while active.
  8. You can only cancel your porting request up to 24 hours before the Electronic Cutover Advice is sent to your current Service Provider, which will be on or after the cutover date (MyNetFone will advise you of thise date).
  9. In the event of a port, withdrawal or reversal, MyNetFone is not responsible for any period of outage of hte service or features of your current service or any value-added service provided by your current Service Provider.
  10. MyNetFone provides no guarantee that the telephone number will be ported within any specified timeframe.
  11. If you wish to port your telephone number from MyNetFone to another Service Provider, then you must contact the other provider.
  12. For NBN FTTC service installation associated with porting, you must proactively contact MyNetFone Service Delivery Team to confirm the NBN service connection on the connection date. Failure to notify MyNetFone before 8:30 am the day after connection date can result in your number being lost.