How Naked DSL Internet Works

Traditional internet service (non-Naked) is delivered to your premises using your phone line.

So even if you don’t use the landline (perhaps you’re already using VoIP-based solution for all your phone needs), you still have to pay line rental to get your internet.

In contrast, Naked ADSL2+ takes over your line connection. The 'naked' in Naked ADSL2+ simply means there is no phone service connected to the DSL (digital subscriber line), so you can get rid of your landline phone, stop paying line rental, but still get broadband internet (of the 'Naked' variety). 

Plus you can use MyNetFone VoIP for all your phone needs.

How is this possible?

With Naked ADSL2+, a portion of cable from the switch to the splitter is removed, allowing the dial tone to be removed from the line.

Note that you do need a phone line originally to be able to switch to Naked ADSL2+ in the first place, but the line will be cut off when the switch occurs.

Now that Naked ADSL2+ Internet is no secret to you,

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