What is Naked DSL?

Naked ADSL2+ is a high speed internet service. The only difference from traditional ADSL2+ is that with the ‘Naked’ version, you don’t have to pay line rental on your landline.

When using MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ services, all your business internet and phone needs go through one high-speed broadband line.

This means you can get rid of your landline, and use a MyNetFone VoIP for all your phone needs instead.

What's the difference between Traditional ADSL2+ and Naked ADSL2+?

Naked ADSL2+ Traditional ADSL2+
  • No line rental - save up to $400 per year!
  • Your landline phone line will no longer be available
  • Optional: move your number to MyNetFone and use VoIP for all your calls instead, just like a regular phone line - subject to coverage
  • Limited coverage
  • Internet delivered over your existing phone line
  • You still pay line rental to your phone provider
  • Optional: use VoIP to save on call costs* alongside your regular landline
  • Excellent coverage
  • Only available on Economy or higher plans

Since Naked ADSL2+ provides much better value by getting rid of line rental, we always offer it as the preferred option. But if Naked ADSL2+ is unavailable in your area, our Coverage Checker will automatically offer you the next best option of regular ADSL/ADSL2+ with the same great value plans (only available on Economy or higher plans).

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