Equipment Options for DSL Internet

Basic Plan


Pick the contract length to suit your needs. 

Contract Length

No Contract

12 Months

24 Months

Set up Fee

$199 $99

$99  $49

FREE Setup

New Modem

TP Link All-in-One Modem/router

TP Link All-in-One Modem/router

TP Link All-in-One Modem/router

BYO Modem

Make sure your modem is compatible.

BYO Modem DSL internet Offer

BYO Modem DSL internet Offer

BYO Modem DSL internet Offer


Want a FREE modem/router? Choose a higher DSL plan...

Want a new modem but don't like the idea of spending money on another gadget? Choose a higher DSL plan like Economy, Standard or Deluxe - these plans come with a FREE Wireless All-in-One Modem/Router on 12 and 24 month contracts. See plans.

Important Information

  • Set up involves churning from existing provider or DSL service, or line sacrifice. No new line installations.
  • Modem shipping - Equipment delivery fee of $16.95 applies for each modem. Shipping re-delivery fees may apply if there is no one at the delivery address to sign for the parcel.
  • Contact breakage fee - You can upgrade to a higher plan anytime, but cancelling the service or downgrading or to a lower plan during the contract term will incur a $199 contract breakage fee.
  • Introductory VoIP Plan included - all plans include an introductory 'Basic Voice' VoIP plan with the MyNetFone provided modem. This plan has no lock in contracts, no monthly charges and offers low cost rates. However it is up to you whether to use this voice plan or not. Simply follow the connection instructions in the Modem box once it is delivered.

When do I pick whether to get Naked or Traditional DSL?

During the signup process, our Coverage Checker tool will automatically tell you which internet type is available at your address.

  • If Naked ADSL2+ is available, then once you switch to it, you can disconnect your landline and stop paying line rental. Since you won't have a phone line anymore, you can use your mobile for calls instead... or why not try the MyNetFone Voice service? It lets you use your existing handset to make calls over the internet at much better rates and with no line rental. Find out more.
  • If only Traditional ADSL2+ is available, then you can still benefit from MyNetFone's generous internet quotas, but you will have to keep your landline with your current phone provider.

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