Planning to move home? Take your broadband with you. Get the Renters Internet Plan


Home internet - Reimagined for renters


Enjoy 500Gb data, with a free modem and free internet service relocations. All with a short, 6-month contract.

The Renters Internet Plan gives you lots of included value, with the flexibility to relocate at no extra cost. It's quick, easy and affordable. Simply let us know when you're moving home, and we'll make sure your internet moves too. So no matter if you are chasing dreams in the big smoke or seeking serenity by the sea, MyNetFone has your home internet covered.




per month



+ no excess charges

Discounted $99 setup + $16.95 shipping


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Free DSL service relocation on Renters Internet Plan

 FREE Relocation 

Free modem on Renters Internet Plan

 FREE Modem 

6 month contract Renters Internet Plan

6 Month Contract


No line rental with Naked DSL on Renters Internet Plan                                Unlimited DSL uploads on Renters Internet Plan

                     No line rental                 Unlimited Uploads

                               with naked DSL      

      Min cost $415.65 over 6 months.

Critical Information Summary


  Renters Internet Plan - Broadband for Renters with 6 month DSL contract

 Flexibility, when you need it

  Save with Renters Internet Plan - Broadband for Renters with 6 month DSL contract

 Lots of extra value included


You never know where life will take you. And the Renters Internet plan won't get in your way. You have the flexibility of a 6-month term, and the ability to relocate at no extra cost.

To make it easier to get started, we'll throw in a free all-in-one modem (RRP $109.95). And 500GB data with no excess charges.


When you sign up for the Renters Internet Plan, you'll get half-price setup (save $100) and we'll take care of your home phone too.

You'll automatically recieve a $0 home phone service from MyNetFone. There's no monthly charge and no line rental costs. You only pay for what you use. It's great value - with some of lowest call rates in Australia.


Renters Internet Plan - Get started today with Broadband designed for Renters



Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a minimum contract?

The Renters Internet Plan's 6 month contract length matches the typical short-term rental contract of 6 months. After the first 6 months, it becomes a flexible month-to-month service. You will continue to be entitled to a free DSL service relocation every 6 months from your last relocation request until you choose to upgrade or cancel. 



I've never heard of MyNetFone...

MyNetFone is an award-winning, Australian-owned telco. Established in 2006, MyNetFone is a publicly listed company (ASX: MNF) with over 100,000 happy customers.


I'm moving soon, when do I need to organise the relocation?

A Naked or Traditional DSL service relocation order may take between 10 to 20 business days to complete. As such, customers are advised to give MyNetFone as much notice as possible.



Can I add a home phone service?

Your internet plan includes a $0/month Basic Voice home phone service. Simply connect your existing handset to your MyNetFone modem to make calls. You'll only pay for the calls you make. Basic Voice rates


 What type of internet connection is this?

The Renters Internet Plan is only available on Naked or Traditional DSL broadband. Naked DSL is the default option for the plan but if it's not available at your residence then traditional DSL will be provided. The plan is currently not offered on NBN or Ethernet connections. 

What is the difference between Naked and Traditional DSL? 



What happens if I use more than 500GB of data?

Your Renters Internet Plan includes a quota of 500GB per month. Should you go over this limit, downloads will be shaped to 256kbps until the next monthly cycle. You will not be charged an excess usage fee.


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