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Deluxe DSL Internet Plan

Discover the freedom of unlimited downloads and uploads, anytime




One price. Unlimited everything.

The Deluxe DSL Internet plan gives you the assurance of a single fixed price no matter how much data you use. Stop paying for data boosts. Stop paying excess fees. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited downloads and uploads with no peak limits.


Great value inclusions

  • No limits - No excess. No peak / off peak. No speed shaping.
  • Free wifi modem if you sign-up on a contract
  • Free technical support via our call centres in Australia 
  • Static IP address included at no extra cost



Deluxe ADSL Broadband - MyNetFone


Buy now - Deluxe Broadband Internet



Min: $168.95 (No contract)

Critical Information Summary





  Basic (PAYG) home phone service included    Home internet with unlimited uploads and downloads    20Gb Basic DSL internet - For web browsing, social media and email  

$0 Home Phone

Get a $0/month (PAYG) VoIP service included with your MyNetfone modem.

See Basic Voice plan


Unlimited uploads & downloads

 Upload and download as much as you need. There's no peak / off peak limits, and no data excess charges.


Enough for everyone

Need to stream on short notice? Done. Need that file from work? No worries. Get all-you-can-download for a single low price.


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