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New offer Unlimited Bundle: Get unlimited data and calls + NBN-ready home phone







Unlimited Broadband & Home Phone Bundle | Home internet services



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Unlimited Bundle

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Free modem


Free modem


Free modem


500GB data - Great for streaming


1000GB data - Perfect for families


Unlimited data - No speed shaping


No line rental - Home phone optional


No line rental - Home phone optional


No line rental - VoIP home phone






Unlimited calls - Mobile / Local / National


Economy ADSL Broadband - MyNetFone


Standard ADSL Broadband - MyNetFone


Unlimited DSL & AU Phone Bundle


Buy now - Economy Broadband Internet


Buy now - Standard Broadband Internet


Buy now - Unlimited DSL & AU Phone Bundle



Min: $148.95 (No contract). 10c/Gb.

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Min: $158.95 (No contract). 6c/Gb.

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Min: $168.95 (No contract)

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Need something smaller? Try our 20GB Basic plan


There's lot's to love about MyNetFone broadband:


  Unlimited data and home phone from MyNetFone    Get more internet with the Unlimited Bundle    NBN Assurance - Pay no contract break fee when you transition to MyNetFone NBN on the same term  

Unlimited AU calls

Choose the Unlimited Bundle and get an NBN-ready VoIP phone service + unlimited standard Australian calls.


 Unlimited data

Life is too shart for capped plans. Choose the Unlimited Bundle for unlimited downloads with no speed shaping.


Easy NBN upgrade

If you're in contract, we'll automatically upgrade you to the NBN when it's available. See our NBN plans.




Frequently Asked Questions



How do I avoid speed shaping?

Go unlimited.

 If you have our Unlimited Bundle plan you will not experience internet slow downs due to speed shaping. You will enjoy unlimited data without peak limits.

For capped plans (Basic, Economy and Standard), we may reduce your download speed to 256Kbps if you exceed your monthly data quota. This is done to ensure that you are not charged for excess usage.


Can I get rid of my phone line (Naked DSL)?


MyNetFone customers can choose to get rid of their phone line and save money on line rental (typically $30-$80 per month). 

Depending on your region, we will connect you with either 'Naked DSL' or Extended DSL (exclusive to MyNetFone). Please note: Setup fees and plan charges are different for Extended DSL connections.


Why do people choose MyNetFone for DSL?

MyNetFone offers competitive pricing, low contention and reliable speed. Plus, you will enjoy high quality home phone when you bundle Naked ADSL2+ with any of the MyNetFone VoIP home phone plans. 

All features and benefits


Can I bundle DSL and home phone?


For the best value, choose our Unlimited Bundle. Bundling gives you a $20 monthly discount, enhanced Quality of Service and the convenience of a single bill.

The Unlimited bundle provides you with: a modern VoIP home phone service, the ability to keep the same home phone number, unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers, plus unlimited downloads and uploads.


I've run out of data, what can I do?

Some DSL plans have download caps. If you run out of data, the best value option is to move to our Unlimited Bundle which gives you unlimited downloads with no peak limits. Alternatively, you can add-on a 100GB data boost for just $10.


How fast is MyNetFone internet?

No provider can guarantee the speed of your internet. Actual service speeds may be lower than advertised. Speed can be affected by things like network configuration, line quality and length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and hardware and software.


How can I get more information?

Please read the Critical Information Summary documents (linked below our plans) - or contact our friendly Residential Team on 1300 731 048.


My PAYG phone costs are adding up, what can I do?

A basic voice service allows DSL customers to make and receive home phone calls on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis. But if these costs are adding up, the best value option is to move to our Unlimited Bundle which includes unlimited standard Australian calls.


Prefer to talk? Call 1300 731 048