Naked DSL home internet with home phone number porting


Free Number Porting for Naked DSL



Home phone number porting with Naked DSL broadband


Keep the same number you've always had


Why go through the pain of remembering another number? When you sign-up for MyNetFone Naked DSL internet, you're able to keep the same home phone number you've always had. Even without a traditional home phone line!

Number porting is completely free - you are only charged if the port is rejected or if you cancel.

If you bring your existing number to MyNetFone (a process called 'Number Porting'), you have the option to add a VoIP home phone plan with generous Australian and international call inclusions. 





Number porting is completely free

Porting is free when completed successfully. You will only be charged in the rare event that your port gets rejected or if you decide to cancel.

To get started, simply sign-up for a Naked DSL internet plan. You will be prompted to choose 'number porting' as part of the sign-up process.


Number porting requires a DSL service:

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Service Address

Your Service Address is the primary location where you will use your MyNetFone services. This information will be provided to Emergency Service Organisations for 000 emergency help, and also in the event of a natural disaster or emergency broadcast warning. It is important that you keep your Service Address information current at all times by updating it via our MyAccount portal.

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