Special note for placing Naked DSL orders


Phone Number Method Orders

When you order MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+, you acknowledge that MyNetFone does not provide Local Number Portability (LNP) and that you will permanently lose your landline and the telephone number you have specified on your order.

You can get a new phone number (DID) from MyNetFone when you bundle your Broadband service with any MyNetFone VoIP Plans.

Service Address Method Orders

If you do not want to lose this number and would like the service delivered on new copper access then you should order using the address method. Please make sure your Address details are correct as we will not verify them again prior to processing your order. You will be liable for any charges due to incorrect details in your order.

If you order using the service address method, MyNetFone will try to install a new copper line access up to your network boundary point / network termination unit, which is usually located outside your premises. You must also make sure that you have a pre-installed, working telephone wall socket within your premises to allow our technician to complete the service installation. Please note you will have to be available at the premises on the day(s) the technicians perform the installation. If you cannot be at your premises on the advised date, you can either delegate representatives to be on site, or contact MyNetFone to reschedule the installation to a more suitable date (will be 6 working days prior to reschedule). MyNetFone will notify you of the date(s) by email and SMS. If you miss the date and a new appointment has to be made, charges may apply.

Delivery Times

MyNetFone will endeavour to provide the service as soon as possible but cannot guarantee availability and a date of commencement. On average, MyNetFone will provide the service in 14-20 business days.

Service activation - We will advise you of the CRD (Customer Required Date) by email, which is the date your service will be cutover to the MyNetFone network. The service will be activated by the end of the advised CRD date, and not necessarily in the morning, unless we advise otherwise.

For more details, please see MyNetFone ADSL2+ Service Terms & Conditions