Static IP Benefits

In simple terms, an IP address is used to identify your computer (or other network device). Having a Static IP address means your computer retains its one set address - which provides many benefits to your Naked ADSL2+ experience:

  • Remote access - Access your computer from anywhere in the world, with the help of some special programs.
  • Emails direct to your PC - using a Static IP address lets you set up your own email address with your choice of domain name*.
  • Running your own website - by installing a web server software on your computer, you can set up your own website*.
  • Running an FTP server - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a reliable way to transfer data: share files, photos with your friends*.
  • Running a game server - most computer games have an option for operating your own server, allowing you to select your own settings and regulate who you let into your game - so you and your friends could have a private tournament!
  • Less downtime - each time a dynamic IP address refreshes, you run the risk of downtime from the server. Having a static address eliminates this risk.

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*Requires specific software, not provided by MyNetFone